Sir Danny Ilagan, Education Program Supervisor (Regional IV-A) with

Dr. Obet Vital & Ms. Stephanie Cholico

Ms. Cholico:

Acknowledges Receipt of Permits

First, DepEd Philippines. Up next, the initial process of reviewing eligibility conditions for consideration to become a CANDIDATE SCHOOL with the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC). ACS WASC is one of six regional organizations in the UNITED STATES, Schools and Colleges WORLDWIDE seek AFFILIATION with this accrediting body. We look forward to this rigorous challenge and accreditation process!

 w/ Ms. Arlene Catalan,​ DepEd Division Office

Ma'am Isabel M. Gonzales,

Senior Education Program Specialist

with Ma'am Flordeliza O. Mendiola

We at CAL Academy strongly believe that "First 5 Counts!"
Parents and/or guardians are a child's first teacher! Medical study and research shows that ninety percent (90%) of their brain will develop between 0-5 years old. Therefore, this is the most opportune time to shape his or her mind. ENGAGED THEM IN EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND LEARNING VIDEOS!
***Contact CALIFORNIA ACADEMY for more information on our FIRST 5 PROGRAM and parents/caregivers' training workshops.***
See Angel's recent video when she was just under one and a half years old (Feb. 2016).

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 w/ Mayor Casimiro A. Ynares III, MD

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