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CAL is registered through the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an international school. Our board members consist of both Filipino and American citizens. All board members have very high expectations with everyone who represents our organization. We calibrate our standards through the lenses of our motto which is “excellence and ownership”

CAL’s curriculum program is an integration of skills and knowledge as prescribed by DepEd and the California State Standards (United States). Our blended curriculum will allow our students the opportunity to gain acceptance to colleges and universities here in the Philippines as well as abroad. This is the foundation that will provide a competitive edge preparing them for a worldwide job market and/or entrepreneurial venture.


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CAL Academy: 

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  *Nursery(3y) *Preparatory(4y)

  *Kindergarten(5y) to Grade 10

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Muntinlupa Branch

*Homeschool Support

*Tutoring Programs * PEPT Prep


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